Landscape Maintenance
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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape entry
Landscape entry

Your home is probably one of the biggest financial investments in your lifetime. Your home is a refuge from the outside world and symbol of personal pride. We fully understand those emotions, and can help you achieve beautiful and healthy lawn and gardens.

Our maintenance services include the following items….

  1. Design, installation, watering and maintenance of planters and baskets
  2. Design and installation of annual and perennial flower beds
  3. Fertilizing, watering, deadheading and trimming of annuals and perennials
  4. Weeding and maintaining flower beds and landscaped areas
  5. Fertilizing of planters, flower beds and lawns using either commercial or organic fertilizers
  6. Trimming of shrubs and smaller trees
  7. Spring and Fall clean up to give your gardens a healthy start and end to the season
  8. Installation of raised beds for vegetable gardens using chemical free soil, compost and worm castings
  9. Planting, fertilizing and watering of vegetable gardens
  10. Mulching beds and landscape
  11. Lawn mowing, trimming, edging, fertilizing and weed control.
  12. Brush and leaf cleanup and removal

Our services can be purchased as season long contracts on a weekly or monthly schedule. Or as occasional projects, as needed…. such as spring cleaning, weeding overgrown beds, replacing or moving plants in gardens or landscape, and fall clean up.

Contact us today, to set up your maintenance schedule. Call us at 507-259-3272 or email us at