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Viola Nursery and Greenhouse, a short drive in the country, but a long way from ordinary!

Custom Designed Container Gardens

We conveniently create unique and beautiful floral arrangements for the entrance to your home or business at an affordable price. With over 10 years experience growing healthy and long lasting plants, we can make that first impression one your customers will remember long after leaving!

Planters are 24″ plastic terra cotta. Ornamental planters may be purchased from Viola Nursery & Greenhouse. All delivered planters are picked up and stored at our greenhouse at the end of the season.

Flower beds and existing planters include replacing existing dirt with Viola Nursery’s special blend of soil.

You can also use our garden coaching services to make regular visits to give you advice on what you  can do yourself, to create the type of outdoor environment you are looking to achieve. This also includes helping you create and grow a beautiful vegetable garden.
$55/cu. yard • Per plant cost of $5.50/ea • Labor . . . . . $55/hr

A season long maintenance program can be purchased for $150, which includes bi-weekly visits for touch up and fertilization with our specially formulated natural fertilizer. Customers are responsible for watering. We use plants that require minimal maintenance.

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