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Viola Nursery and Greenhouse, a short drive in the country, but a long way from ordinary!
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Custom Container Gardens

Viola Nursery and Greenhouse specializes in custom design container gardens for all 4 seasons of the year. We can deliver the containers to home. You can take a class and make your own.
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Landscape Maintenance

We provide landscape services for every budget and every homeowner.
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Worm Castings Organic Fertilizer

Our container gardens use Earth~Worm Castings all purpose natural fertilizer. Earthworm castings contain rich proportions of water-soluble nutrients. This is a primary reason for them being able to provide incredible results.
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Memorial Planters

We carry the standard Palm Leaf urns in 12″ and 14″, along with metal stands. If you already have your own pot, we can fill them with the classic red geranium and spike…or one of our signature mixes.
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