About Us
Short drive in the country, but a long way from ordinary!


viola nursery greenhouse

After a lifetime as a dairy farmer in Viola, Phillip started working at a local greenhouse and flower shop in 1993. His first impression was “Now this is a cool way to farm”.

Phillip’s interest in greenhouse farming soon blossomed into a full time passion for plants and flowers. He converted the old chicken coop on his farm into his first greenhouse. Phillip’s goal was to find a way to grow quality plants without using the amount of chemicals that he saw being used in standard greenhouses. Through trial and error, he found that using the right types of composts actually allowed his planters to maintain there vigor throughout the whole summer, without the burnout that many synthetically fertilized planters showed by mid summer. Soon, friends and relatives were talking about the flowers he was growing. “Sure, I can grow some for you too”, were the words that caused him to quickly outgrow the chicken coop. In 2004, Phillip built a ‘real’ green house to expand his hobby to the next level. With a little help and encouragement from friends and family, he decided to sell his excess plants to the public in a yard sale held on his front lawn. To his surprise, strangers bought and fell in love with the uniqueness and quality of his planters. In a matter of days, all planters were sold and people were asking about next season!

Using his formula of natural nutrients and synthetic fertilizers, Phillip added shrubs and trees to his growing inventory in 2005. That same year, he started working with a local landscaper, providing plants and designing landscapes for customers. The success of this new phase encouraged him to dive in and start a new retail business in the spring of 2006. Phillip’s vision of a new and unique garden center with a laid-back country feeling came to life. His artistic skills and distinctive creations make planters and landscape designs that are very far from ordinary!